Custom Made Instruments and Guitars Built in Halifax

Most of the instruments I build are custom-made, taking into account the customer's requirements for example, how they use the instrument? Will it be used for flatpicking or strumming? Might they need a wider or narrower neck? Do they prefer a shorter or longer scale length? Most things can be catered for.

The sound of the instrument is influenced by many things but mainly by the wood choices. Unlike a factory made instrument every piece of tone wood is worked differently in order to bring out the best possible characteristics available in that particular piece. I try to use only materials from sustainable sources, which is now becoming more important as good tone woods are becoming harder to find. All the bindings used are wood and nuts and saddles are made from bone. Pickups and pre-amps can be incorporated as required, and all guitars are supplied in a hard case.

I do sometimes have a couple of finished guitars available and, if time permits, I can also undertake repair work. My handmade guitars and instruments may not cost as much as you think so if you are interested, please contact me and we can arrange a meeting.

John Stafford.